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Accurate Box Launches New Sustainability Site for America Recycles Day

November 15th 2016 – Paterson, NJ – For America Recycles Day, Accurate Box Company, manufacturer of 100% recyclable high graphic corrugated packaging, celebrated sustainability by promoting the importance of recycling throughout their facilities and launching a new sustainability section of their website.

The new website pages highlight all areas of sustainability that Accurate Box Company takes part in, showcasing environmental, social, and economic sustainability as important factors when making strategic decisions. One of Accurate Box’s more recent announcements includes their completion of Phase 1 of an expansion project which will add to the economic development of Paterson and the surrounding communities.

Economic and environmental sustainability is not the only focus of Accurate Box Company, but Accurate Box often gives back to its community. In the Sustainability Letter from the President, Lisa Hirsh, third-generation President of Accurate Box states, “We have a commitment to not only enrich the lives of those employees that work here at Accurate Box but also to the entire community.” Accurate Box has actively participated in events such as fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness, Boys and Girls Club, and Habitat for Humanity- volunteering employee time and corporate matching to help fund important causes.

To find out more about Accurate Box Company’s sustainability initiatives visit