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Accurate Box has everything you need under one roof. We seamlessly print, corrugate, cut, and glue in one facility in Paterson, New Jersey. A key factor to our success is continuously reinvesting in our manufacturing process which enables us to increase efficiencies and minimize paper waste while guaranteeing consistent high-quality packaging. Find out the latest additions to Accurate Box below.

Enhanced Production Capabilities with Upgraded Laminator

Accurate Box Company is proud to announce the successful installation of an Asitrade Masterflute Touch Laminator, marking a significant upgrade to its Laminating Department. This investment reaffirms Accurate Box’s commitment to delivering high-quality boxes and maximizing productivity at its 400,000-square-foot facility.

This machine adds the most advanced laminating technology the industry has to offer to Accurate Box’s facility. The investment also helps Accurate be more sustainable through the machine’s ability to run more efficiently by producing less waste and running faster. The upgrade increased the output of this line by over 20%, which is a remarkable improvement and is a testament to the positive impact it will have on Accurate Box’s process.

Read the full press release here.

First of Its Kind: Folder-Gluer Prefeeder Robot Installed

Accurate Box Company invested in the research and development of a prefeeder robot to feed boxes through one of its nine folder-gluers. The robot started as an innovation project by Accurate Box and would be the first of its kind. The robot allows the folder-gluer to run at more consistent speeds, helps reduce the burden of heavy lifting by the team, and frees up feeder operators to work in other areas of the department.

Read the full article and watch a video of the robot here.

Increase In Green Energy through Expansion of Solar Panels

Arial View of Accurate Box's New Jersey 400,000 Square Foot Plant Covered in Solar PanelsAccurate Box Company is thrilled to announce an increase in its green energy. The majority of Accurate’s 400,000 sq. ft. roof is now covered in solar panels.

Back in 2019, Accurate Box completed its first phase of a solar panel installation with a 1-megawatt system. After three years, Accurate got the green light from PSE&G to increase its system by almost double, now totaling a 1.9-megawatt system. Accurate Box is proud to say up to 25% of its facility’s electrical usage comes from renewable energy, and it allows Accurate Box to save 20% on electrical costs per year.

Read the full article here.

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