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As the company grows and evolves, Accurate Box strives to make a positive impact on our community through its environmentaleconomic, and social sustainability initiatives.

We have a commitment to not only enriching the lives of those employees who work here at Accurate Box but also to the entire community. We aim to continue to be a manufacturer of packaging that offers employment and training to enhance the skills of our workforce, support causes that impact our community for the better and find ways to help create a sustainable environment for generations to come.

We hope that the details of our program demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and provide insight into the initiatives that drive all of our business processes. These are causes that have fed our company culture to help make Accurate Box Company what it is today.

– Lisa Hirsh, Third Generation President and CEO, Accurate Box Company

Environmental Initiatives

Economic Initiatives

Social Initiatives


Accurate Box Company is a proud member of the Fibre Box Association (FBA), a non-profit organization that “brings together North American corrugated manufacturers to improve on the overall well-being of the industry and to provide an array of services that enable member companies to conduct their businesses more effectively, responsibly, and efficiently.”

The FBA has an active Environmental Committee that identifies and monitors environmental issues within the corrugated industry. The committee seeks to better define, articulate and communicate the corrugated industry’s story in the sustainability arena and develops strategies in response to its findings in collaboration with organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local EPAs.


The Accurate Box Corporate Sustainability Team is comprised of members from assorted departments within the company. Our team aims to effectively drive sustainability initiatives through educational research and creative innovations designed to recycle resources, reduce energy and lessen waste output. Through these initiatives, Accurate Box aims to become more sustainable and decrease our carbon footprint throughout all business processes while improving our manufacturing standards each year.

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