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Accurate Box Company has an extremely talented design and creative services team. Trained in both structural and graphic design, this group understands the retail challenges our customers face and has the uncanny ability to design the perfect package for your product.

  • Different Styles of Packaging: Our team can design a box, shelf-ready package, or countertop display for your product to be showcased in retail environments.
  • Palletization: Boxes are designed structurally to fit on a pallet efficiently, both during the shipping process and while on display in stores. Many boxes manufactured by Accurate Box are in club stores today.
  • Mock-ups: Accurate Box has a digital press that we use to create mock-ups for our customers. This enables our customers to see their brand packaging before production. Click here to receive a free mock-up for your brand!

Years of expertise combined with our state-of-the-art equipment enable Accurate Box to develop creative solutions that allow for our customers’ plants to run efficiently and their products to look great on the retail shelf or in the eCommerce environment.

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