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When packages enter our finishing department, a versatile multi-feeder applicator can add items, such as stickers, coupons, instruction sheets, liners, and even multi-page booklets as an inline operation.

Our ability to apply additional items during our gluing process is a unique capability that offers tremendous advantages to our customers and adds value to any box. For example, stickers can be used to announce “NEW”, “FREE” or “Special Bonus” features of the product inside the box or tear tape can be applied to allow consumers to easily open the box.

  • Tear tape
  • Seal tape
  • Pharmaceutical Insets
  • Labels
  • Inserts
  • Stickers
  • Coupons
  • Booklets


Accurate Box Company has an automated handle applicator that applies paper-backed, plastic or paper handles to any size or style box.

The applicator places handles in the desired spot during the folding/gluing process. Designed to move from gluer to gluer, the handle applicator is extremely flexible and runs at fast speeds, so it does not slow down our gluing speeds. We can attach a variety of different handles depending on the style of handle and weight requirement you are looking for. Handles can also lay flat on the carton, so the stackability and palletization of the product will not be compromised in any way. Handles make it more comfortable for the consumer to carry the box and work well in the pet food, cat litter, detergent, and beverage industries.

Click on the arrow below to view a short video on the application of these handles.

Kitty litter box with plastic handle


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