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Community Engagement

Accurate Box Embraces Current Employees Who Seek to Advance Language Skills

36 Accurate Box employees complete employer-sponsored English as a second language course.

January 31, 2016 – Paterson, NJ – Accurate Box Company continues to grow and for many employees both new and old, English is not their native language. Accurate Box strives to fulfill the promise of providing opportunities for skill advancement for their employees and recently sponsored an ESL (English as a Second Language) course that invited employees with limited proficiency in the English language to enhance communication skills.

The ESL program has been offered over the years but in the past 3 years the course was offered in conjunction with the NJ Grant program. Thirty-six motivated employees chose to participate and on January 31, 2017 a ceremony was hosted by senior management to recognize all employees who successfully completed the course.

Employees were very grateful for the class and shared stories about their most recent experiences with the English language.  Many remarked that the course allowed them to learn English well enough to feel comfortable venturing into non-Spanish speaking areas.   One employee elaborated on the subject further, sharing that not only did he feel safer in English speaking areas now, but so did his family.  Other graduates said that knowing the English language has boosted their confidence level and has allowed them to communicate more effectively in both the workplace and their community.

Accurate Box Company is happy to provide educational opportunities to its employees and training to those who seek to enrich their lives both inside and outside of work. Accurate Box congratulates the ESL graduating class of 2016!