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Charlie Hirsh of Accurate Box Honored by the City of Paterson

In celebration of the city’s 225th birthday, Charlie Hirsh of Accurate Box was selected as one of 25 individuals by the Paterson 225 Committee recognized for demonstrating a lifelong commitment to the City of Paterson.

July 5th, 2017 – Paterson, NJ – In honor of the city’s 225th anniversary, the Paterson 225 Steering Committee partnered with the Brownstone House to host a dinner dance on July 1st. The event honored individuals of Paterson who have distinguished themselves in a professional field or have exceeded in endeavors that demonstrate a lifelong commitment to the City of Paterson.

As Chairman of Accurate Box Company, Charlie Hirsh was nominated alongside honorees who have helped pave the future of the city through roles such as business entrepreneurship, community service, arts, education, and law enforcement. Prior to the event, Mayor Jose ‘Joey’ Torres stated, “I am pleased to acknowledge this incredible group of men and women who have dedicated so much of their time, talent, and treasures to making Paterson the great city it is.”

Furthermore, Bob Guarasci, Chair of the Paterson 22 Steering Committee also noted the importance of the event, announcing, “These awards provided an opportunity to shine a light on outstanding individuals who have helped Paterson grow and prosper. While they may not all be household names, they are heroes who have worked and do work every day to honor Paterson’s past while ensuring a bright future.”

Charlie Hirsh has developed a long-standing relationship with the City of Paterson. After assuming control of Accurate Box Company, young entrepreneur Charlie made the pivotal decision to relocate the business from Newark to Paterson in 1983. This transition helped lay the groundwork for the success and expansion of the company.

In addition to many accomplishments in the industry, Charlie is widely respected for his unwavering ability to listen and relate to each customer, employee, and individual’s needs throughout the company. Charlie was humbled by the nomination, stating, “I accept this award on behalf of all the hardworking employees of our company. We owe them the credit for allowing Accurate Box to build into the successful enterprise that it is today.”

Charlie Hirsh and Accurate Box Company congratulate all of the other honorees and are proud to stand alongside such accomplished individuals as a part of Paterson’s rich history.

About Accurate Box Company Inc.

Accurate Box Company is one of the largest independent litho-laminated corrugated box manufacturers in North America. In business since 1944, Accurate Box has always been family-owned and wears its “Made in America” badge proudly.

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