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Packaging for Online Consumers

Accurate Box Company’s customers have found shoppers on the web need to be WOWed twice, first when they are browsing around the site and again when the purchase lands on their doorstep.  Anticipation builds while they wait for their order and throughout the process of opening the box. But what happens once this box is opened?

As the e-commerce market grows, the “unboxing’” experience is increasingly more important to online consumers.

  • 52% of online consumers say they are likely to make repeat purchases from a brand that delivers orders in premium packaging.
  • 83% of online consumers say they are likely to share an image of high-quality packaging on social media.
  • 9 in 10 consumers have re-used a retailer’s branded box or bag after a purchase.
  • 71% of online consumers say they expect higher quality packaging when ordering expensive products online.

(Data Source: US ECommerce Forecast: 2013 To 2018. Forrester Research, 12 May 2014. Web.)

Increases in web sales have caused packaging for online consumers to become a heavy influencer during the purchasing cycle. Last year alone, U.S. consumers spent $294 billion online. Moving forward  U.S. online consumers are expected to increase their spending by an estimated 41% by the year 2018 leading to online shoppers being responsible for over $414 billion in sales*. With every online purchase, an opportunity arises to make your brand connection stronger with consumers – by utilizing the package it is delivered in.

Since there is a growing trend towards online shopping, the brick-and-mortar store often loses its chance to act as a branded touchpoint for consumers. This results in marketers searching for other ways to create a different type of branded consumer experience. High graphic, corrugated packaging offered through Accurate Box Company has often filled this void through its process of creating unique packaging for online consumers strategically branded on the inside.  Once the package is opened by the purchaser, the brand is brought full circle to complete an irreplaceable “unboxing” experience.

To find out more about Accurate Box Company’s capabilities please visit our Direct to Consumer page.

eCommerce Composite of Boxes

*(Data Source: US ECommerce Forecast: 2013 To 2018. Forrester Research, 12 May 2014. Web.