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Expanding Into the Future: Expansion Letter From the President

Expansion Letter From the President

We are excited to announce that our expansion and renovation of Accurate Box Company is now underway. As most people know who have been here for a visit, we continue to hold our spot in the marketplace as a state-of-the-art company with our machinery and workforce, but our buildings are very old. As manufacturing output has continued to increase over the past 10 years, we have been planning on renovating and adding to our existing facility to make what is old and new again.

That is finally about to begin.

Last year, we moved our finishing and warehousing to another one of our locations in order to make room for our third new Masterflute Laminator and our 4th Bobst Mastercut, Die Cutter. With the addition of these two large machines, it became obvious that we would need to start our addition on the building, a sizeable one spanning 200,000 square feet.

After a year designing and planning this expansion, this week we began to take down the old buildings on our property to make room for this brand-new section of our facility. This renovation and expansion will not interfere in any way with our current operations but will establish a wonderful and efficient space for the future of Accurate Box Company.

The new expansion will allow us to move all our finishing and warehousing back into our new facility and again have everything and everyone together in one building. This will result in more flexibility and increased capacity when it is finished in 2017.

We are all thrilled about this incredible opportunity to enhance our building and bring it as up-to-date as our already existing top-of-the-line equipment. Through this process and into the future we remain as committed as always to the quality and integrity of our product and to the needs of our clients. This renovation and expansion is evidence of our commitment to the future of our company.

Accurate’s 72nd year will be an exciting one.

– Lisa Hirsh, President and CEO, Accurate Box Company