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Paterson, NJ – June 2024 – Featured in the June/July editions of Forbes, Fortune, and Entrepreneur, Accurate Box Company, showcases its 80-year legacy of innovation and growth. The feature highlights Accurate Box’s impressive history, its commitment to its employees and community, and its innovative approach to manufacturing excellence. This recognition underscores the vital role that small and medium-sized businesses like Accurate Box play in driving the American economy.

Celebrating 80 years in business, family-run, woman-owned Accurate Box Company proves that small and medium-sized businesses remain the heartbeat of America’s manufacturing industry.

There’s a family-run business in Paterson that may have discovered the secret to success.

As an independent litho-laminated corrugated packaging manufacturer, Accurate Box Company produces packaging that houses countless well-known consumer products. Accurate Box is growing at an impressive rate, tripling its business in 10 years as it beats its large integrated competitors in national bids for multi-year contracts.

The key to the company’s success? “Accurate Box has been run by four generations of family over 80 years, and we have invested in our people and our process,” says Lisa Hirsh, CEO and president. “Our commitment to our company’s core values has also played a huge part. We focus on our customers, care about our employees, treat everyone with respect, and work as a team,” adds Mark Schlossman, Lisa’s husband and executive vice president of sales and marketing.


Accurate Box’s successes were seeded long ago, when Hirsh’s father was looking to pass the torch to the next generation. “He was a great mentor who taught us what a good succession plan looks like: solid communication and relationships and a long training process,” says Hirsh, who worked at the company for 15 years before becoming president. Her daughter, Samara Ronkowitz, is following a similar course: In her 10 years at Accurate Box, she’s worked in a variety of departments. “My role has evolved over time, and that’s allowed me to develop at my own pace as the company has evolved,” says Ronkowitz, director of sales and marketing.

Emanating from this tight-knit family are values upheld by Accurate Box’s 330 employees, many of whom are first-generation immigrants from Central and South America. From the boardroom to the plant floor, the team collaborates in a respectful environment, devoid of top-down management tactics. “We’re grateful for our wonderful workforce and the commitment they have to our company’s success,” Hirsh says.


To compete in its industry, Accurate Box has invested heavily in technology and sustainability. New presses and cutters churn out high-graphic lithographic corrugated packaging, which are shipped at competitive prices to 44 states (thanks to New Jersey’s excellent back-haul rates) with a 99.98% acceptance rate. In fact, hundreds of millions of boxes a year leave Accurate Box’s 400,000-square-foot facility. By operating at maximum efficiency and offering superlative customer care, Accurate Box has won contracts from some of the biggest consumer packaged goods companies in the world. Perhaps most inspiring is the high recyclability content of its products.

“We feel great about being in an industry where our products are 100% recyclable,” Hirsh says.

For the citizens of Paterson, Accurate Box symbolizes all that’s right with the manufacturing industry. The company gives thousands of dollars to local charitable organizations, many of them nominated by employees themselves. Fortunately for everyone, Accurate Box is proud to remain a family- and women-owned company that is continuing to grow year over year.

About Accurate Box Company

Accurate Box Company is one of the largest manufacturers of custom litho-laminated corrugated packaging in the United States. All our boxes are sustainability-sourced, 100% recyclable, and printed with eco-friendly inks. We ship competitively throughout all of North America by negotiating extremely attractive freight back-haul rates with our carriers. In business since 1944 and women-owned since 1998, we are experts in creating packaging for the club store, e-commerce, and quick-service restaurant industries.