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Paterson, NJ – April 2023 – Last month, Lisa Hirsh, CEO/president of Accurate Box Company, was a guest on The Better Leadership Team Show with host Mike Goldman. The episode is titled “Right Culture, Right Support for 4 Generations with Lisa Hirsh” and discusses how to “create a great leadership team and how that leadership team drives a great company.”

Listen to the podcast on Spotify by clicking here or listen to it wherever you get your podcasts.

In this episode, I will be speaking with Lisa Hirsh. She’s a third-generation CEO of a family packaging business called Accurate Box. She joined her father in the company after graduating from Smith College with a liberal arts degree. Lisa thought she would learn and move on to a “real job,” but 40 years later, she is still leading and thriving in her leadership role. Lisa will share everything she has learned in her journey as a CEO, working with consultants and meeting great leaders along the way, including her dad. We will discuss what has helped her to create a great leadership team and how that leadership team drives a great company. She will also recount the importance of company culture, the power of communication, and how they have allowed their core values to guide the way to success. Apply for a free coaching call with me

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Picture of The Better Leadership Team Show Podcast along with Lisa Hirsh, CEO / President of Accurate Box Company