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Mark Schlossman, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Accurate Box Company, was interviewed for a special edition of QSR Magazine about the current trends in take-out and delivery packaging. See below for an excerpt from the article called “Spotlight on Packaging” by Kara Phelps in the November 2022 edition of QSR Magazine.

Cover of QSR Magazine November 2022 Edition Smart Chain Section: Spotlight on Packaging By Kara Phelps

The world of foodservice packaging is transforming in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chain issues, increase demand for off-premise dining, and sky-high customer expectations have forced restaurant operators to find creative ways to meet their packaging needs.

Branding on the packaging–right down to the print quality of the graphics–can be memorable, for better or for worse. “The first thing consumers notice about packaging is the graphics,” says Mark Schlossman, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Accurate Box Company. “In this day and age of posting pictures and videos on social media, consumers are almost as interested in their experience as they are in the overall taste of the food. We have seen some great successes with consumers promoting their favorite food or restaurant simply by sharing photos and videos online.” In these scenarios, the branding on the takeout or catering packaging can help put a restaurant on the map.

Printing technology has advanced in recent years, and operators can drive engagement and increase loyalty by rotating designs without creating any additional cost. “The graphics can change along with every holiday, special occasion, or the launch of a new menu item to drive sales,” Schlossman says. “Even franchises in different locations across North America can each have their own graphics on their packaging to support their local sports team or university. The possibilities are endless.”

It’s clear that consumers want businesses–including restaurants–to be more environmentally conscious across the board. Recent research from Simon-Kucher & Partners found that younger consumers are shifting their behavior toward choosing sustainable alternatives. And according to a 2022 survey from Deliverect, 43 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for takeout and delivery from restaurants with visible sustainability practices.

Many restaurants are choosing to make their sustainability commitments visible through their food packaging choices. Paper, for example, sends a clear message. “It makes a lasting impression on consumers when they receive takeout orders in paper packaging instead of plastic, styrofoam, or aluminum packaging that will do harm to the environment,” says Mark Schlossman, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Accurate Box Company.

Click here to read the full QSR Magazine article, “Spotlight on Packaging.”

About Accurate Box Company

Accurate Box Company is one of the largest, family-owned manufacturers of custom high-graphic corrugated packaging in the United States.  We specialize in offset lithography and have the ability to print 7 colors plus a UV coating in a single pass on both small and large runs. We are experts in creating high-quality packaging for the club store, e-commerce, and quick-service food industries.  In business since 1944 and women-owned since 1998, Accurate Box manufactures in New Jersey and ships competitively throughout all of North America.