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Internet Retailer Magazine Features Accurate Box on Ecommerce Packaging

In the November edition of Internet Retailer Magazine, Accurate Box’s Mark Schlossman discusses how unique packaging strategies can help retailers wow their customers. See below for an excerpt from the article.

Even before the pandemic, consumer behavior has been changing. Throughout the years, more people have begun to favor shopping online over going into stores. And this is particularly true for the younger generations. Now, with COVID-19, even fewer people are shopping in stores, and retailers are scrambling to find new ways to dazzle consumers. Digital Commerce 360 spoke with Mark Schlossman, vice president of sales and marketing at Accurate Box, a corrugated high graphics box manufacturer, to discuss how retailers can wow customers by creating unique experiences with packaging…

How can packaging help [retailers] better compete in today’s ecommerce landscape?

Years ago, no one cared about how a product was packaged and sent to you. If it showed up, the customer was happy. But as more people shop online, expectations for nice packaging have begun to increase. Today, people make bigger, more expensive purchases online—whether it’s luxury clothing or electronics. And they want their experience of receiving those products to match what they would experience if they bought it in a store.

What are the drivers behind these increasing expectations?

“Unboxing” videos—in which a presenter opens a package and shows viewers its contents—have helped increase customers’ expectations around packaging, particularly with younger shoppers. These younger shoppers are more accustomed to shopping online, and they frequently share their experiences, positive or negative, on social media and on unboxing sites. If an expensive product shows up in a disappointing package—and that unboxing presenter has many followers—it can be very damaging to that brand.

Additionally, consumers are increasingly conscious about climate change. They want sustainability and recyclability in the packages they receive. Accurate Box makes packaging that is 100% recyclable and focuses on being a sustainable company, so we are thrilled to see more importance placed on the environment by the consumer…

Customers today have come to expect it be wowed by the brands with which they shop. This is the future of packaging in ecommerce.

Read the full article here.