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Accurate Box Obtains Chain of Custody Certifications

Accurate Box is awarded Chain of Custody certifications ensuring its paper is from well-managed forests, controlled sources, and/or reclaimed materials.

Paterson, NJ – June 2020 – Accurate Box, a women-owned company and manufacturer of litho-laminated corrugated packaging, now has its FSC and SFI Chain of Custody certifications.  These certifications guarantee that Accurate obtains its paper from well-managed forests, controlled sources, and/or reclaimed materials.  This is a great achievement for Accurate as it increases its sustainability!

Chain of Custody (CoC) is the path taken by products from the forest, or in the case of recycled materials from the moment the material is reclaimed to the point where the product is sold with an FSC or SFI claim and/or the product is finished and labeled.  CoC makes sure each stage of sourcing, processing, trading, and distribution, where there is a change of product ownership, is tracked allowing the product to be traced back to a sustainable forest.  Accurate must maintain proper documentation to prove that this chain is not broken.  This process is reviewed by SGS on a yearly basis, and the results of this audit determines the ability to utilize the FSC and SFI label.  Accurate’s initial audit was conducted in late January and revealed no major non-conformities!

With the increase in focus on sustainability on a global level, Accurate has identified this as a value for its customers who are looking to showcase its support for forest protection.  In addition to these two certificates, material testing has been ongoing to reduce fiber in Accurate’s packaging, while still meeting customer required compression testing.  All of these combined, will help Accurate move into providing options for its customers looking to have a stronger footprint in the global push for sustainability.  

To find out more about the FSC and SFI Chain of Custody certifications, go to FSC’s and SFI’s websites.  Accurate places great value in maintaining standards of quality and is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to help its customers.  Ask the Accurate Box team how its capabilities can help you create the perfect graphic package for your product!

About Accurate Box Company

Accurate Box Company is one of the largest, family-owned manufacturers of high graphic corrugated packaging in the United States.  We specialize in offset lithography and have the ability to print 7 colors plus UV coating in a single pass on both small and large runs. We are experts in creating high-quality packaging for the club store, e-commerce, and quick-service food industries.  In business since 1944 and women-owned since 1998, Accurate Box manufactures in New Jersey and ships competitively throughout all of North America. Learn more at