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Accurate Box’s New Company Video

Accurate Box Company produces a new company video to show its impressive high-graphic corrugated box facility.

Paterson, NJ – April 2020 – Accurate Box Company, a women-owned company and manufacturer of litho-laminated corrugated packaging, launches a new company video!  Accurate’s new video comes at a time when it’s celebrating 76 years in business and growing faster than ever.  It has been 10 years since its last company video was posted and a lot has changed for Accurate Box since then.  Its facility has expanded by 200,000 sq. ft., doubling in size.  Accurate has also installed several brand-new pieces of equipment, at least one piece of new equipment in each department!

The process of updating Accurate Box’s video took a lot of time and editing from Accurate’s Marketing Department and production team.  Mark Schlossman, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Accurate Box, states, “We hired an incredibly talented production crew to help our marketing team write the script, create the shots, and edit all the footage.  This video is the culmination of five full days of shooting film with many different cameras and drones to enhance the final result.”

The new video shows the size and scope of Accurate Box’s facility and what Accurate can provide for companies.  Schlossman “felt it was important to show the world how we have changed” since the last company video.  Accurate manufacturers everything in house to produce the perfect custom box for its customers.  The team remains committed to the quality and integrity of its products and the needs of its customers and is excited for future growth as an independent and family-owned company.  

About Accurate Box Company

Accurate Box Company is one of the largest, family-owned manufacturers of high graphic corrugated packaging in the United States. We specialize in offset lithography and have the ability to print 7 colors plus UV coating in a single pass on both small and large runs. We are experts in creating high-quality packaging for the club store, e-commerce, and quick-service food industries. In business since 1944 and women-owned since 1998, Accurate Box manufactures in New Jersey and ships competitively throughout all of North America. Learn more at