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The Power of Packaging

The excerpt below is from an article written by Jenn Morrison featured in QSR Magazine.

November 2017 –  With the boom of takeout and delivery, a restaurant’s signature is not actually the food but rather the packaging it comes in. Consumers are checking boxes against a list of factors.

“A big challenge is to design packaging that performs well in a number of areas,” says Mark Schlossman, executive vice president of Accurate Box. “Obviously strength and durability, especially once it leaves the restaurant, is critical.”

Destination quality heightens these basic expectations for quality packaging.

“People expect the experience that they have at home to be just as good as when they’re sitting at the restaurant,” says Scot Cissna, vice president of category management at R3 Redistribution. “That’s a tall order when the average delivery is occurring 40 minutes later.”

Cissna warns against underestimating the value that quality underestimating the value that quality packaging offers. “Many restaurant leaders are still looking at packaging as just a takeout or leftover container at the lowest possible cost,” he says. “But the consumer experience and what they’re messaging through the packaging is central to whether patrons choose to come back.”

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