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Accurate Box Helps with “Keebler® Disney ∙ PIXAR Finding Dory Graham Snacks 36 oz” Fish Tank Box

July 13, 2016 – Paterson NJ – Pixar released the Finding Dory movie in June and it was immediately a great success. To date, the movie has made $563.8 million, almost as much as Finding Nemo with $936.7 million. After Kellogg’s obtained rights to release “Finding Dory” themed products, Kellogg’s set out to brand one of their Keebler® boxes as part of a promotional campaign for the Finding Dory movie, and Accurate Box was there to help a client’s idea come to fruition.

Kellogg’s met with the Accurate Box graphic and structural design team to brainstorm unique packaging ideas for the “Keebler® Disney ∙ PIXAR Finding Dory Graham Snacks Honey 36 oz” box. The result consisted of a unique fish tank-like structure to host Finding Dory graphics; a club store box unlike anything else currently in the marketplace. Kellogg’s kicked off the Finding Dory campaign on May 16 and this unique Finding Dory Cookie box manufactured and collaboratively designed by Accurate Box can now be found in club stores such as Costco in California and BJ’s on the East Coast.

Accurate Box is delighted to help customers with new ideas to help packaging stand out on store shelves. For more information on Accurate Box Company’s club store packaging, visit our club store page.