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New Jersey Business Magazine Features Accurate Box on the Evolution of Manufacturing

In March, New Jersey Business Magazine published Advanced Manufacturing: An Ongoing Evolution discussing the advancement in manufacturing and some processes that have changed throughout the years. The article features Accurate Box Company’s President and CEO Lisa Hirsh who closely watched the manufacturing process evolve for many years.

Accurate Box Company has an extensive history and has consistently adopted the newest manufacturing technology since the company was established in 1944. Hirsh offered her insight to New Jersey Business Magazine on how companies like Accurate Box have been able to expand their business throughout the past 7 decades and how they continue to evolve with the changing times.

“If a [manufacturer] has kept up with technology and invested in newer machinery, then it is a world of difference compared to what was available even 10 or 15 years ago,” Hirsh stated in reference to the constant update of equipment that occurs at Accurate Box, enabling them to offer customers the latest production processes for litho-laminated corrugated packaging.

In the article, Hirsh went on to note that investment in machinery is only just the beginning. A huge part of maintaining high-quality manufacturing in a changing landscape is by investing in employees. Hirsh stated, “When we bring someone in who seems to be able to really be a problem-solver and learn something, we take them under our wing and really try to teach them.” The article in New Jersey Business goes on to discuss the balance of investment between people and machinery while manufacturing high-quality products.

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