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Paper Packaging International Features Accurate Box

The excerpt below is from an article written by Russ Garner in August 2015 featured in Paper Packaging International.


Stick To It

Accurate Box Co. Inc is expanding its single plant and installing the latest high-speed production equipment to maintain its growth in the litho-laminated corrugated box production.

Even though a box of corn flakes at the grocery store or the warehouse club might look the same graphically, the one at the club store requires a completely different packaging material – litho-laminated cardboard.  “The club box is a stronger box designed to support the weight not only of each individual box but each of the boxes on the rows above them on the pallet,” Accurate Box Co. Inc. Executive Vice President Mark Schlossman explains.

Accurate Box Co. Inc. designs and produces such boxes.  “Our niche has become the club store, and on top of that, we like being independent and progressive,” Schlossman says.  “Our customers are very large companies that buy tens of millions of boxes.  We have a steady flow of orders coming in, primarily from food and beverage companies, and we are protected from any economic drops because we are producing something that is not a luxury spend, by any means.  Our sales have really been growing beyond our wildest dreams and beyond normal growth percentages.”

Accurate Box Co. tries to avoid being solely a commodity producer.  “We can incorporate several different specialty applications to the boxes that other companies might not be able to offer,” Schlossman points out.  “We can incorporate several different specialty applications to the boxes that other companies might not be able to offer,”  Schlossman points out.  “We like to try to find ways to add value to our product that otherwise might be bordering on commodity.  We try to offer as many unusual things to our customer base that they may be after as a means to differentiate ourselves.  These include handles on the boxes, windows, security tags and application of double-sided tape.”

Accurate Box Company prints on paperboard that is then glued to the corrugated single-face.  “We print on solid bleached sulfate paper, a white, two-sided high-end folding carton stock that is very lightweight and easy to marry to corrugated,” Schlossman says.  “We only print on paper and not on a world of different substrates.  Our process is paper adhering to paper.  We use water-based adhesives and starches – for the neophyte, it’s like gigantic vats of Elmer’s Glue”