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Accurate Box Expands To Meet New Demand

The excerpt below is from an article written by Jim Curley in March 2015 featured in Board Converting News.


Accurate Box Expands to Meet New Demand

In recent years, Accurate Box has been on the move – both literally and figuratively.  Business is flourishing – tripling in the last decade.  So much that, pressed for space, the Paterson, New Jersey based manufacturer of litho-lam corrugated will be expanding its facility to nearly 400,000 square feet when the expansion is completed in 2017.  In late 2014, Accurate leased what company President Lisa Hirsh calls “swing-space” in nearby Totowa.  As a result, work in progress is now printed, laminated, and die cut at Paterson, then “wrapped, strapped and shipped’ less than five miles to the 150,000 square-foot plant in Totowa where the boxes are glued and then shipped to customers.  The Totowa facility also contains significant finished goods space.

“We were certainly challenged by the space we had in Paterson,” Hirsh recalls.  “In 2014, we took on new business that would grow our sales by 30 percent.  So, even in the interim until our expansion would be completed, we needed more space.

“We looked at other factories in New Jersey and New York, and, while the option to move the entire business was intriguing and these sites were more modern than our current plant and large enough to handle current and future needs, we decided that we wanted to stay with our workforce in Paterson,” Hirsh adds.

“But without some help, we could not have afforded the cost of renovating this building, parts of which are 120 years old, and stay in Paterson,” she explains.  Help came in the form of a $40 million tax grant from the State of New Jersey as part of the stat’s GrowNJ initiative.  In return the company committed to 50-plus additional jobs in Paterson and staying in the Silk City for another 15 years.

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