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Strong and Sharp

Article by: Food & Drink Magazine, May 2014

Warehouse club stores such as Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club aren’t known for their visual appeal. Customers go there to buy large quantities at low prices. But products still need to stand out to shoppers in an eye-catching way.

Accurate Box Company helps food and beverage companies break out of the brown-and-boring mold when it comes to packaging products for club stores. Based in Paterson, N.J., it is one of the largest and independent box manufacturers of litho-laminated packaging in the United States.

“When displayed on a pallet in a club store, packaging needs both eye-popping graphics and structural strength,” says Mark Schlossman, Accurate Box’s executive vice president and COO. “And the graphics need to be extremely consistent over the course of a print run because customers can see differences from package to package when displayed all at once.”

Accurate Box uses lithography – a type of photo-quality printing on high-performance corrugated packaging materials – the only kind of printing the company does.

“We’re a printer first and foremost,” Schlossman says. “Our expertise is printing and creating unusual styles of corrugated packaging – things that are different than your standard product.”

For example, the company is branching out into creating novel packaging for quick-service restaurant chains. Bojangles, a Southeastern regional food chain, has been using Accurate Box for packaging multiple times in one box with a handle – called a tailgate box. The packaging needs to be stronger because it carries more weight, and it needs to look nice because it will likely be displayed at gatherings.

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