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Accurate Box is keenly aware of the growth of e-commerce packaging in the marketplace. For many companies, Direct to Consumer (DTC) now represents the largest growing portion of their yearly sales revenues.

High-graphic packaging can be used to increase the return to purchase percentages, upgrade existing shippers, increase brand awareness or reduce calls to customer service due to return inquiries.

Ask about Accurate Box Company’s “reversible box” that ships through the mail with the brown side out and high graphics on the inside! Accurate Box also has the ability to print on both sides of the box with the purchase of our new digital printer.

  • 7 out of 10 consumers form their first impression of a brand based on its packaging.
  • 63% of consumers consider product packaging almost as important as the brand itself.
  • 67% of consumers say cardboard-based packaging makes a product more attractive than other packaging materials. This number increases when the packaging is customized.
  • 62% of shoppers are more likely to purchase from brands using sustainable packaging.

* Facts from articles and studies by Packaging of the WorldPaper and Packaging Board, and dotcom Distribution

Composite Picture of Accurate Box's Ecommerce Boxes and Mailers

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