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Accurate Box Company has nine folder-gluers, three robotic systems, and all the technical expertise to produce a wide array of specialty-style cartons.

Packaging that includes windows, specialty tapes, or theft protection devices and styles that incorporate auto bottoms, glued partitions, or gravity feed features are all specialties of ours. Our finishing department incorporates a flexible conveyor system that allows us to pack our boxes in corrugated cases or build pallets right on the line, eliminating the need for exterior packaging. All packaging produced by Accurate Box ships knocked down flat (KDF).

Accurate Box has invested in three robotic systems that allow the folder-gluers to run at faster, more consistent speeds and help reduce the burden of heavy lifting by the team. We have one robot feeding boxes through a folder-gluer machine and two robots palletizing finished bundles of boxes after they exit two of our folder-gluer machines. The robotic systems were a necessary purchase to make sure we continue to service our customers as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Creative gluing techniques configured by in-house technicians allow for various inserts or partitions to be included in the packaging and can help our customers reduce time spent on setup and fulfillment. If you have a packaging idea that you have been told cannot be produced or if you are unhappy with the current limitations to the functionality of your packaging, contact Accurate Box for a free consultation.

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